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Mortgage Tree Reports for Homebuyers in Rochdale

If you are in the process of purchasing a property and there are trees nearby, your insurance company or mortgage lender may request that you have a tree survey carried out. You will probably hear this referred to as an Arboricultural Report, a Homebuyers Tree Report, a Mortgage Tree report, or simply a tree survey or tree report.

JCA Limited can provide a mortgage tree survey and report investigating issues or concerns raised within the homebuyer’s survey report quickly, to minimise any disruption to the sale of a property.

The Need For A Mortgage Tree Report in Rochdale

When seeking to purchase a property, mortgage lenders will often request that a tree survey is undertaken. This request is often in response to the building surveyor noting the presence of trees and recommending that a mortgage tree report is obtained that assesses the condition of the tree and an evaluation of its likely relationship with the property, e.g. whether the tree has the potential to cause damage to the property.

It is recognised that well positioned trees around a property, whilst providing amenity, can also add significantly to its value. However, in certain soil conditions, badly positioned or poorly maintained trees can increase the risk of soil shrinkage, which in turn can lead to structural damage.

Mortgage lenders will therefore often ask the potential homebuyers to arrange for a mortgage tree survey to be undertaken at the property they are looking to purchase, especially where there are trees growing nearby which could compromise the structural integrity of the dwelling.

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    How can JCA Limited help with a Mortgage Tree Survey in Rochdale?

    As qualified Arboricultural Consultants in Rochdale, we provide a Tree Homebuyers/Mortgage Tree Survey and Report. We will visit the property and survey all the significant trees present, along with any third-party vegetation which is close enough to be of potential concern. We will assess the trees both for potential to cause structural damage and from a health and safety perspective.

    The information gathered during the survey is compiled into a report which provides a detailed description of every surveyed item of vegetation, highlighting any area of concern and providing recommendations of how to overcome this (tree management, tree removal etc).

    Each report comes complete with a clear, coloured site plan showing the locations of the surveyed vegetation and all relevant site features.

    Fast, Thorough and Cost Effective Mortgage Tree Survey & Reports in Rochdale

    JCA Limited can provide a fast turnaround for a mortgage survey & report. Prices start from as little as £300.00.

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      What to expect from your JCA Limited mortgage tree survey?

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      • After we have received your payment, a site visit is arranged and undertaken by one of our Arboricultural Consultants within 7-10 days of the request.
      • Each tree is fully inspected, and the information recorded.
      • This will then be compiled in a report, complete with a colour site plan showing tree locations and all relevant site features.

      Qualified Arboricultural Consultants Producing First Class Mortgage Tree Reports & Surveys

      It’s important to remember that tree surgeons are not the same as an arboricultural consultant and therefore it is highly unlikely that they will be fully qualified to carry out a mortgage tree survey & report. To find an approved Arboricultural Consultant, you can search the register on the Arboricultural Association Website.

      Industry Leading Arboricultural Consultants in Rochdale

      JCA are aware that every project has a budget therefore we offer highly competitive rates. Our dedicated team provide high quality surveys for both the public and private sector operating throughout the UK and Internationally, ranging private clients with a single tree to municipal clients with over 50,000 trees. Alternatively, please contact us for a free no- obligation quote on 01422 376335 or email

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