Tropical Arboriculture

Tree Management in the Tropics

JCA Ltd carry out Tropical Arboriculture and actively provide management advice on international projects across a wide array of circumstances. This includes the protection and management of Mangrove Forest areas, the management of National Park Forests and Reserves, the Surveying of Botanic Gardens and also provide assistance with the development and layout of New Towns. Our experience has involved work in much of Europe and the Far East.

National Park Forest Management and Botanical Gardens

At JCA we work in partnership with industry specialists to assist in the protection of forest areas and in policy making by carrying out Tropical Arboriculture. Where recreational use of the forest is likely, we can complete essential safety check of trees close to campsites, footpaths and where canopy walkways are to be erected.

Our specialist team also carry out Tropical Arboriculture Surveys within Botanical Gardens and provide bespoke software to enable them to be managed efficiently.

Do you need a badger survey for a new project?

At JCA our specialist team can conduct a badger survey based on your specific requirements

Mangrove Forests

The importance of Mangrove Forests in protecting inland communities was well illustrated when the tsunami hit western Penang in Malaysia. The areas where the Mangrove Forest was still intact absorbed and protected the wave and no people beyond the forest area were harmed. Needless to say, the areas where no such forest was in place, the story was very different.

New Towns and City Tree Management

With an ever growing population, the planning of new towns and cities is becoming increasingly more important to ensure the sustainability of the environment amongst new planning. JCA have much to offer the developing world and are happy to discuss projects of any kind with prospective partners and clients.