Looking for a certain piece of information but unsure where to look? Here are some valuable resources and explanations demonstrating why the resources are potentially useful.

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The Arboricultural Association – To advance the science of arboriculture for the public benefit.

The Arboricultural Association (Contractors) – List of approved arboricultural contractors

The International Society of Arboriculture – A worldwide professional organisation dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees and to promote research, technology and the professional practice of arboriculture.

Building Research Establishment – Delivering sustainability and innovation across the built environment and beyond.

British Geological Survey – Providing expert service and impartial advice in all areas of geoscience.

CIEEM – The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management is the professional body which represents and supports ecologists and environmental managers, mainly in the United Kingdom

UK Government Information and Services – Local and National Government Services

Forestry Commission of Great Britain – The Government department responsible for protection and expansion of Britain’s forests and woodlands.

National Arborist Association – Accreditation and certification services for tree care companies and professional arborists.

NHBS Environment Bookstore – The Natural History, Environment and Science Bookstore.

KEW – Royal Botanic Gardens – The largest and most comprehensive plant collection in the world, containing representative of more than one in eight of all flowering plant species.

Royal Forestry Society – Dedicated to the wise management of trees and woodlands, and increasing peoples understanding of forestry.

Environment Jobs – Visit StopDodo for Environmental Jobs.

Portable Mapper  – In collaboration with Portable Mapper, JCA Limited use and endorse Portable Mappers Tree Survey and Tree Management Software.