Local Authorities

Accurate and Accessible Tree Data

Every local authority in the UK is required to keep an accurate record of street trees to manage their stock safely and effectively. This data is essential in order to maintain a safe tree stock close to people and property and to manage trees effectively, local authorities, public bodies and other major landowners need accurate and accessible tree data.

Tree Inventories and Risk Assessments

Local authorities need accurate data on street trees to manage their stock safely and effectively.

At JCA we have considerable experience in the delivery of large scale tree surveys for local authorities, universities, health authorities, housing associations and other clients. Our surveys can be tailored to suit your requirements and can focus on general tree health and condition, tree safety, threat to property (e.g. street trees and subsidence risk) or a combination of these.

We can also provide risk assessments of hazard trees on any scale. Where appropriate, the latest technology can be deployed in the detection of decay. Our team utilise existing systems for data capture and analysis or develop a customized software package.

TPO Surveys

We are happy to supplement local authority in-house staff to facilitate Tree Preservation Order (TPO) reviews or the management of TPO applications.

At JCA we also provide offer high quality project supervision for arboricultural, countryside management or forestry projects.

Do you need a protected species survey for a new project?

At JCA our specialist team can conduct a protected species survey based on your specific requirements

Woodland Surveys and Management Plans

Woodlands require ongoing management if they are to fulfil their potential for providing public amenity, ecological or economic benefits long into the future.

Building on survey data our woodland management plans are comprehensive but clearly presented, user friendly documents which will effectively direct management activity over an appropriate period towards desired outcomes. Advice on woodland creation, ancient woodland, veteran trees, land reclamation, planting schemes and hedgerow issues is also available.

Historic Parks Restoration/Development

We have considerable expertise working as specialist advisers in multi-disciplinary teams on prestigious restorations projects.