Tree Health and Safety

In-depth Checks Conducted by Experts

According to the Forestry Commission, where a tree shows external evidence of decay or structural weakness the owner of the land on which it stands is normally liable for any damage it causes by breaking or falling. The courts expect owners to inspect their trees regularly and obtain specialist guidance on interpretation of symptoms and assessment of tree safety.

At JCA we provide health and safety checks to trees in mature gardens and areas of land to ensure general safety and test its overall health. Trees are highly valued for their individual beauty, as an intrinsic and key element of the nature, however it is incredibly important to maintain their general health and safety.

Your Responsibilities

Trees are living organisms, which are susceptible to disease (e.g. Acute Oak decline, Chalara dieback of Ash, Bleeding canker of Horse Chestnut, Phytophthora), pests (e.g. Moths, Beetles, Leaf miners, borers), fungi and the extremes of our unpredictable weather. We recommend that trees are inspected on a regular basis, to ensure that they have not succumbed to disease/infection, or become unstable during adverse weather.

As a landowner or homeowner, you have the responsibility to look after and care for the trees within your land, this includes general tree safety surveys once over a certain maturity.

It is usually advisable to have trees inspected annually by a qualified arboriculturist, although in some cases, every 2 or 3 years may be sufficient. A JCA Tree Safety Report will include all the necessary information for a prudent tree owner to manage their trees effectively, without risk to themselves.