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JCA had previously carried out a development survey and report at a residential care home which was changing its usage to an educational establishment. After the design proposals were finalised, our client then asked us to prepare an Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) to ensure good practise in the protection of retained trees during the development.

The purpose of the AMS is to detail how construction works can be carried out close to trees without causing damage to the crown or the root system. It is given to all operatives during the construction process and provides all the information required to fully protect trees during the construction process.

This method statement provides not only information about what protection methods are to be implemented but also at what stage of construction they should be performed. We also gave details of tree planting specifications, should this be a requirement for the site. In this case a single tree required removal therefore to accommodate the proposals, it was proposed to plant trees on site. The planting of trees may go ahead in the first tree planting period after construction is complete.