Arboriculture and Ecology Consultants and Surveys in Halifax

Our Arboriculture and Ecology specialist team surveying Halifax and the surrounding West Yorkshire areas can advise on a wide range of areas including tree safety, development near trees, subsidence risk, trees and the law, bats surveys, and great crested newt surveys to name just a few services.

A High-Quality Survey and Report Service

At JCA Arboricultural and Ecological Consultants, we have been established since 1997 and are now recognised as a reputable leader in the industry. We are highly experienced in providing professional surveys, consultations, and guidance in specialist Arboriculture and Ecology areas. Our dedicated team provide high quality surveys for both the public and private sector operating throughout Halifax and the UK, ranging from private clients with a single tree to municipal clients with over 50,000 trees.

Do You Need an Arboricultural Survey in Halifax?

At JCA our specialist team in Halifax can conduct an arboricultural survey based on your specific requirements.

Arboriculture and Ecology Services in Halifax

Having been established since 1997, we have many years’ experience within the industry providing professional consultations and guidance across a wide range of arboriculture and ecology

Consultants providing Ecological Advice and Ecological Surveys

Our experienced and qualified ecologists in Halifax provide a range of consultancy services including bat surveys, great crested newt surveys, preliminary ecological appraisals, invasive species surveys, mortgage tree reports and numerous post-planning services. Our reports include a comprehensive view of the potential impacts of development, based on a detailed desktop study and site surveys, and advice on how to proceed with planned works.

Do you need an ecological appraisal for a new project in Halifax?

At JCA our specialist team can conduct an ecological survey based on your specific requirements.

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