Subsidence Survey, WF3

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JCA Limited were instructed by one of our loss adjustor clients to undertake a survey for subsidence purposes at a property in Wakefield.

We were informed by our client that the damage observed at the property was due to clay shrinkage caused by vegetation. Based on this information and having made a detailed survey of the site and assuming the presence of shrinkable soil (subject to confirmation), subsidence damage has potentially occurred as a result of drying shrinkage caused by vegetation within influencing distance of the property.

Our arboricultural consultant identified that a Goat Willow Tree and Wisteria had the potential to be contributing to the damage observed. Therefore, our consultant recommended that these two items of vegetation were removed and the stumps treated to prevent any regrowth as a precautionary measure.

Our consultant also concluded that a number of trees were a possible future concern if left unmanaged. Therefore it was recommended that they be maintained at their current height and spread over the forthcoming years.