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One of our clients contacted us to arrange an arboricultural survey at a church in Oldham as part of an investigation into subsidence damage that had occurred.

Having made a detailed survey of the site, our consultant concluded that in this case, the subsidence damage had occurred as a result of drying shrinkage contributed by vegetation located on the adjacent land and within influencing distance of the property.

The contributors included 2 x groups of white willow trees and our consultant believed these to be the main cause of the damage observed at the property and recommended that these be removed. Our consultant also identified another group of mixed natives to be contributing to the soil shrinkage at the property which may be of possible future concern.

Our consultant therefore recommended that the group be brought back into management with the removal of 50% of its current density by removing the middle-aged White Poplars, 50% of the existing Beech and Oak along with all the self-seeded young Ash. These works are only recommended as a precaution and not considered a priority to resolve the damage observed at the subject property.