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Our Managing Director and Principal Arboricultural consultant, Jon Cocking undertook a site visit and advice at a property in Wakefield.

The site included a driveway and parking area for the dwelling and a garage building all situated to the front of the house. There was a semi mature Monkey Puzzle tree situated within the drive area in a formal circular bed. The formal area did not contain sufficient soil and moisture for the tree to mature and survive, and it was beginning to exploit water from the surface. In the process the original block paving and some of the stone circular feature was becoming distorted due to the tree’s rooting activity. Jonathan was tasked with providing a solution to allow the drive to be resurfaced and the tree to remain.

He came to the conclusion that if the tree was to be retained, then ait would require a more softer surface and more water to percolate through to its roots. The only way to do this would be to formally increase the rooting area, sever roots to a depth of 1.4m and to install a plastic root barrier along the line. Then the area of the drive which was to be tarmacked can then be resurfaced with a permeable tarmac. If the client followed Jonathan’s recommendations, then the monkey puzzle tree can be considered to be in adequate condition in terms of public health and safety and it should allow the tree to be retained, with a resurvey it in 5 years’ time.