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As instructed by our client, we supervised the excavation of Japanese Knotweed roots within the root protection area (RPA) of a Mature Oak tree. We were informed that this tree was protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), hence the requirement for strict supervision to ensure a sensitive approach was executed.

Our consultant was informed by the site manager that the area of excavation would be backfilled and as such the oak tree would not have suffered any root damage from the excavation. Our consultant recommended that the backfilling of soil should be done immediately and was told this would be done the following day

The condition of the tree was also inspected, and it was noted that it had fully matured and was now in decline, with fungal brackets on a large bark wound which had the onset of decay, which was likely to worsen over the next few years.

As such it was recommended that this tree was to be inspected regularly by the Arboricultural consultant for future development projects, especially post development when the target value of the tree is increased. In conclusion our consultant confirmed that the excavation of Japanese Knotweed roots had no significant effect on the mature oak as it was carried out with caution, and under strict supervision.