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A Decay Detection Survey was carried out on a Sycamore tree within the grounds of a nursery school. The tree itself was leaning over onto the main road from within the grounds. In order to fulfil their obligation of making sure the tree was safe to the public, the client asked JCA to carry out a decay detection test. This was a high-risk tree with the potential to fall across the road or into the grounds. The Sycamore had a wound on it starting at the base and reaching approximately 2.5m high, there was also a small cavity at the base of the tree.

The result of the test showed a small area of decay, however, the trees internal wood was generally not decayed and was therefore considered to be structurally sound, posing no current threat. However, due to the presence of the decay, JCA will continue to monitor this tree on a biennial basis to re-assess whether its condition is still acceptable in terms of health and safety, especially due to its location and high target value.