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A local television studio contacted JCA and asked us to carry out an arboricultural survey for safety purposes. The site surveyed comprised an area of fenced off car parking, an internal courtyard and garden & boundary trees located at intervals surrounding the building. In total, our consultant surveyed 47 trees (46 of which were individuals and 1 group consisting of 2 trees). We carried out a check beforehand using Leeds City Councils online mapping service and were informed that there were no Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in force nor was the site within a conservation area.

After surveying the full site our consultant concluded that two of the trees were recommended for removal, 9 trees for pruning and another 9 trees were noted to have structural or physiological defects. Although these particular trees were considered to be in an acceptable condition at the time of the inspection, the defects observed may lead to their early demise or render them unsafe in the future. As such, JCA have recommended that these trees be monitored and re-inspected on an annual basis to assess if their condition is still acceptable.