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In total, 2 individual trees were surveyed and were found to be in a fair condition. Prior to our consultants visit a check was carried out with Bury Metropolitan Council and we were informed that there was a Tree Preservation Order in force on the site which protected one of the trees (T1).

T1, a Mature Ash tree was noted to have a moderate sized deadwood on one of the crowns therefore our consultant concluded that this tree required pruning to remove the deadwood and reduce the potential risk of harm.

T2, an early-mature Japanese Cherry Tree was noted to have an established Ganoderma (a species of wood-decaying fungi) at the base, which would limit life expectancy. Therefore, it was concluded by our consultant that although the condition of the trees were considered to be in an acceptable condition at the time of inspection, the defect observed may lead its early demise or render it unsafe in the future. As such, it was recommended that both trees were to be monitored (re-inspected) on a biennial basis to assess if their condition is still acceptable.