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Our client instructed JCA to carry out an expert arboricultural safety survey and risk assessment of the trees at this site.

Prior to our consultants site visit, a check was made with Bradford Metropolitan District Council, and we were informed that there was an Area Tree Preservation Order (TPO) in force on this site. This meant that before any work was organised, an application form should be submitted to the Local Authority, outlining all the proposed works along with suitable justification. A waiting period of eight weeks was then required, after which time the council would either give consent to the works, refuse the works or grant a conditional consent.

In total, 11 trees and 1 group were surveyed by our consultant. Out of the trees surveyed, one tree was recommended for removal as it was noted to have early signs of Dutch Elm Disease. One tree has been recommended for removal as it looked to be a self-set ‘weed tree’ growing in an unsuitable position with its crown partially extending onto the roof of the existing potting shed and six trees were recommended for removal as the group collectively was considered extremely densely planted and the removal of these six specific items would allow the numerous more mature specimen trees to continue to grow more naturally whilst providing light and space beneath their crowns for shrub planting.

In addition to the recommendations, our consultant also stated that all trees being retained should be inspected on a regular basis in the interests of risk management.