Safety Condition Survey, Sheffield S36

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A client instructed JCA to carry out a tree safety condition survey at a site in Sheffield. In total, 8 individual trees were surveyed and were generally found to be in good condition. Out of the 8 trees surveyed, 2 of the trees were noted to have minor structural or physiological defects. Although these trees were considered to be in an acceptable condition at the time of inspection, the defects that were observed may lead to their early demise or render them unsafe in the future, therefore, it was recommended that these trees be monitored on a biennial basis to assess if their condition is still acceptable.

It was also noted that an early-mature sycamore was overhanging in the adjacent property and contributed to light loss to the rear garden property. A Tree Preservation Order consent had been granted by the council to crown reduce the canopy of the tree by 3m. However, this work would have had the potential to damage the long-term health of the tree due to the extent of the photosynthetic material removed. Therefore, it was recommended, as an alternative that the canopy was crown lifted by removal of the first 5 branches in order that peripheral light was allowed to enter the neighbouring garden. This work would have minimal impact on the long-term health of the tree whilst allowing additional light to enter the neighbouring garden.