Safety Condition Survey – HX2, Halifax

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JCA were instructed by our client to carry out a safety survey at a local Public House in the area of Halifax. A total of 76 trees were surveyed.

The site had a dense woodland belt running along its periphery adjacent to the Public House and included a stream running north to south. Access to the trees was extremely restricted due to a steep banking and dense understory vegetation; as such their target value was considered to be low. It was therefore recommended that these trees were to be left as part of a natural woodland, with the presence of dead, dying and decaying trees for ecology and wildlife purposes.

However, 3 trees which were close to the public house were given a category 2 recommendation to have minor maintenance pruning undertaken. Category 1 recommendations are made for structural/safety reasons and are recommended to be undertaken immediately. Category 2 works are of a cosmetic or general nature only, and usually do not require to be carried out as urgently.