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We were asked to carry out an arboricultural survey as part of a mortgage application for a property in Wakefield. The property was a semi-detached two storey dwelling. It had gardens to the front and rear which contained a variety of trees and shrubs.

A total of 3 trees, a group of vegetation and one hedgerow were surveyed. Out of the vegetation surveyed, one of the trees, a mature sycamore was given a category 1 recommendation for removal. Category 1 recommendations are made for structural/safety reasons and are recommended to be undertaken immediately. Category 2 works are of a cosmetic or general nature only, and usually do not require to be carried out as urgently.

A group of vegetation including Hebe, Buddleja and Skimmia were given a category 2 status and our consultant recommended that these were to be maintained at the current height and spread.

The conclusion was after the category 1 & 2 recommendations were completed, then there would be no reason as to why the client couldn’t proceed with their mortgage application.