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One of our clients instructed us to carry out an Arboricultural survey and report at their property in Ilkley which they wished to purchase.

In total, seven trees were surveyed. The property inspected was a detached two- storey dwelling and had a driveway and lawn area to the front and a rear lawn area which had a number of mature, mainly coniferous trees and a number of newly planted trees to the west side.

After a thorough site investigation, our consultant concluded that the ivy growth, which was taking place, was recommended category 1 works and should have a more detailed inspection and ongoing management. Regular inspections were advised, ideally a minimum of one very 2 years. There was also a Common Beech tree which was identified of requiring category 2 works including regular inspections of a minimum one every 2 years.

Providing that the recommendations identified as category 1 tree works were undertaken as soon as reasonably possible and that the recommendations identified as category 2 works were undertaken in the near future.