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We were instructed by our client to carry out a BS5837 Arboricultural Survey and Report for a proposed development at some disused tennis courts.

The tree survey revealed a total of 10 items of vegetation (4 individual trees and 6 groups of trees) Of these, 3 trees and 2 groups were identified as retention category A. One tree and three groups as retention category ‘C’ and 1 tree as category ‘U’.

As a general rule, the trees listed a retention category ‘A’ or retention category ‘B’ are the most valuable items of vegetation and as such the removal of these is likely to be met with resistance by the Local Planning Authority.

The trees listed within a retention category ‘C’ are of lesser value and the removal of these is generally less likely to be met with resistance by the Local Planning authority.

Items which are listed as category ‘U’ comprise of dead trees or trees of limited safe life expectancy and are often recommended removal, irrespective of any proposals.

The group of trees given a category ‘U’ were 2 x multiple stemmed goat willow trees growing at the base of a retaining wall in the centre of the former tennis court which had a limited long-term future.