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One of our house developer clients contacted us to arrange a development survey and report at a site in Ilkley.

Prior to our consultants visit, a check was made with Bradford Metropolitan District Council and the check revealed that there were several Tree Preservation Orders which were in force on the site.

A total of 185 items of vegetation were inspected including 121 individual trees, 26 groups of trees and 38 hedges. Of the vegetation inspected, 23 trees and 2 groups were identified as retention category ‘A’, 56 trees and 8 groups as retention category ‘B’, 22 trees and 14 groups as retention category ‘C’ and 20 trees and 2 groups as retention category ‘U’.

As a general rule, the trees listed a retention category ‘A’ or retention category ‘B’ are the most valuable items of vegetation and as such the removal of these is likely to be met with resistance by the Local Planning Authority.