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JCA were instructed by a client to carry out a survey at a site in Oldham for developmental purposes.

A check was made with Oldham Metropolitan Council beforehand, and we were informed that no trees within our survey were subject to any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) but the trees were located in a conservation area.

In total 7 items of vegetation were surveyed including 6 individual tree and one group of trees. Out of the items surveyed 5 trees and 1 group were given retention category ‘B’ and 1 individual tree, retention category ‘C’.

As a general rule, those trees listed as retention category ‘A’ or retention category ‘B’ are the most valuable items of vegetation and as such the removal of these is likely to be met with resistance by the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

Those items listed as retention category ‘C’ are of lesser value and the removal of these is generally less likely to be met with resistance by the LPA.

As the site was situated within a Conservation Area. Prior to any works being undertaken to protected trees, those instructing and proposing to carry out the work should satisfy themselves that all appropriate consents are in place to prevent potential breach of legislation.

Upon provision of specific proposals, site-specific advice should be given with regards to the impact on trees. In accordance with Section 5.4 of BS 5837: 2012, the next stage should be the preparation of an Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA), which will illustrate and discuss the impact of the proposals on the trees.