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One of our consultants carried out a survey and report at a site in Keighley to provide detailed, independent arboricultural advice on the trees present, in the context of potential development.

A check was made with Bradford Metropolitan District Council prior to our consultants site visit. We were informed that the site was situated within a conservation area. Therefore, before any work was organised to any trees with a stem diameter of above 75mm, a ‘notice of intent’ was to be submitted to the Local Authority, outlining all the proposed works along with a suitable justification.

The tree survey revealed a total of 8 items of vegetation comprising of 3 individual trees and 5 groups. Of these, 1 group was identified as retention category ‘B’ and 7 items were identified as retention category ‘C’. On this occasion, no trees were identified as category ‘U’ and as such no trees were recommended for removal.

Our client also required an Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) based on our development report. The purpose of an AIA is to assess the impact of the proposals on the existing tree stock and outline mitigation actions, where appropriate, to minimise potential damage to retained trees.

Our consultant summarised that one single tree and a section of two of the groups of trees would require removal to accommodate the proposals. If whatever reason the development does not go ahead, then pruning for the singular tree would still need to be carried out.