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One of our private clients instructed JCA to carry out a decay detection test at their property in Ilkley.

A survey of the trees on site was undertaken by another tree consultancy previously. Two trees, identified as T4 and T5, were both noted to have defects at the time of the survey. Due to recent bad weather at the time and passage of time, the owner requested further investigations in the form of a Sonic Decay Detection Tests.

Our consultant concluded that the tree named ‘T5’, despite the presence of a small cavity close to ground level, the results od the decay detection test indicated that this tree was relatively sound at the time. However, as the results did indicate some progressive decay, it was recommended that this tree be re-surveyed on an annual basis to re-assess whether or not its condition is still acceptable in terms of health and safety.

The test results for the other tree in question, T4, indicated that the tree was extensively decayed and may therefore fail. It was recommended that this tree be removed in the winter period.