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JCA Limited are industry-leading Arboricultural consultants based in Halifax, West Yorkshire operating nationwide throughout the United Kingdom. We offer a range of Arboricultural & Ecological surveys for developers, local authorities and smaller private customers undertaken by qualified Arboriculturists.

Tree Safety Condition Survey & Your Responsibilities as a Landowner

Trees are highly valued for their individual beauty and as an intrinsic and key element of nature. However, as living organisms, they are susceptible to disease (e.g. Acute Oak decline, Chalara dieback of Ash, Bleeding canker of Horse Chestnut, Phytophthora), pests (e.g. Moths, Beetles, Leaf miners, borers), fungi and the extremes of our unpredictable weather.
As a landowner, you have the responsibility to look after and care for the trees within your ownership, to ensure they do not pose a threat to the general public.

According to the Forestry Commission, where a tree shows external evidence of decay or structural weakness the owner of the land on which it stands is normally liable for any damage it causes by breaking or falling. The courts expect landowners to inspect their trees regularly and obtain specialist guidance on interpretation of symptoms and assessment of tree safety.

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    Tree Safety Surveys and Reports in York

    At JCA in York we undertake surveys to assess the health and condition of trees to provide specific management advice which, once undertaken, demonstrate that a duty of care has been taken with regards to tree management. If your site contains trees, we advise that you have these inspected by a qualified arboriculturist.

    If JCA are instructed, your trees will be surveyed visually from ground level by a qualified and experienced arboriculturist. You will be provided with a thorough report which will detail; species in English and by Botanical name, height, stem diameter, spread, observations, physiological & structural condition, life expectancy, a Safety Retention Category and re-inspection advice.
    Specific comments and recommendations for required works will be included for each surveyed tree A colour coded Site Plan with tree positions, reference numbers and canopy size will be provided.

    We guarantee that the Local Authority will accept our report as valid and suitable for a Tree Preservation Order application or a Conservation Area notice of intent

    Fast, Low-Cost Tree Safety Surveys Throughout The UK

    We offer a range of tree safety surveys for developers, local authorities, and smaller private customers undertaken by professional tree consultants.

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      Specialist Decay Detection Tree Survey in York

      Visual inspection will reveal a lot about a tree, however, occasionally, a tree will show symptoms that suggest problems which cannot be seen externally. Consequently, an internal inspection is needed to assess the tree’s structure.
      At JCA we have tree decay detection methods; the ArborSonic Tomograph, the Wood Density Drill and the Fractometer.

      Advising On Trees With TPO’s And Conservation Areas

      Due to the large potential penalties for illegally carrying out work to protected trees, it is important that the correct procedures are followed if your trees are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or within a Conservation Area.
      If you wish to undertake work on a protected tree, JCA can prepare a report to support your application. We are also available to submit an application form/notice of intent to City of York Council on your behalf outlining the works proposed on protected trees.

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      If you think you may require a Tree Survey but are unsure which type, please feel free to get in touch with us and one of our Arboricultural Consultants will be able to assist you. Our dedicated team provide high quality surveys for both the public and private sector operating throughout the UK and Internationally, ranging private clients with a single tree to municipal clients with over 50,000 trees. Alternatively, please contact us for a free no- obligation quote on 01422 376335 or email