Coronavirus Policy

During the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, we want to inform our clients that JCA is continuing business as usual, but we will be following government guidelines over the up and coming weeks.

As a responsible business, JCA are taking steps to prevent and/or reduce the risk of the spread of Coronavirus, and this covers our work for clients right through to our supply chain.

JCA are asking all of our suppliers to implement measures at least equivalent to those being implemented by JCA when conducting business on our behalf.  Below is a summary of the steps we are putting in place.  If you are unable or unwilling to do this, please notify us immediately.

  • Government prevention advice has been disseminated to all staff.
  • Advice on handwashing techniques displayed at all hand washing facilities within JCA workplace.
  • All visitors will be requested to sanitise their hands before completing the signing in book, entering the premises.
  • Tissues have been provided to catch coughs and sneezes.
  • Employees are not required to shake hands with others and may politely decline stating that they are engaging proactively in Coronavirus spread prevention techniques.
  • Immediate action to be taken in the case of contact with a known or suspected case, or diagnosis with Coronavirus has been disseminated to all staff. JCA must be advised immediately.
  • Should a case be diagnosed amongst JCA staff, Public Health England (PHE) would be advised by SHEQ Director or Health and Safety Manager. PHE would take the lead on appropriate action to be taken and methods of communicating and advising others.
  • Advice for employers and alert level being monitored by the Health and Safety Manger and SHEQ director.
  • Employees planning to visit 3rd party offices must contact the location and ask what precautionary measures are in place to prevent potential spread of Coronavirus. Measures must be a least equivalent to those implemented by JCA.
  • Hand sanitiser to be provided to all employees visiting 3rd party premises, when available
  • Employees conducting site visits to be provided with anti-bacterial wipes to remove any soiling from hands prior to using hand sanitiser (NOTE hand sanitiser is not effective as cleansing visibly soiled hands).
  • Persons attending/utilising public places/premises/modes of transport on company business i.e. events or seminars, service stations, buses, trains etc. follow any advice or information displayed at the location regarding spread prevention techniques.
  • Carry hand sanitiser in the event that hand washing facilities are not available.
  • Further information on public gatherings/transport use will be communicated if/when it is made available from the government.
  • Identify any employee at JCA more vulnerable to the symptoms of the virus prior to the increase in threat level.
  • Following increased threat level, review risk assessment and adjust information communicated to employees on a daily basis.
  • If necessary adjust working practices to reduce risk following increased threat level we are adopting work methods to keep as many staff out of the office as possible and avoiding overcrowding

Many thanks

Jon Cocking  –  Managing Director and Health and Safety Officer

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