Ecological Surveys


High Quality, Comprehensive Surveys & Reports

JCA operate throughout the UK from our base in West Yorkshire, providing high quality, comprehensive ecological surveys and reports with efficiency and professionalism, helping you sustainably achieve your goals.

Our experienced and qualified ecologists provide a range of consultancy services including protected species surveys, preliminary ecological appraisals, invasive species surveys and numerous post-planning services. Our reports include a comprehensive view of the potential impacts of development, based on a detailed desktop study and site surveys, and advice on how to proceed with planned works.

Ecological consideration at each stage of application will be guided by JCA’s helpful ecologists, from initial habitat and protected species surveys to extensive post-planning management and mitigation. All of our Ecological surveys and reports are undertaken and compiled in accordance with CIEEM’s professional code of conduct and the relevant survey guidance to ensure only the highest quality.

The majority of ecological surveys are seasonally constrained. Use our ecology survey calendar to plan your project timetable and factor in any seasonal constraints to project timescales as early as possible to prevent any delays.

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