Bleeding Canker Treatment – Surrey

JCAs Allicin/Conquer Project was started in 2009 when we received an experimental licence to begin the process of testing Allicin, trademarked by JCA as Conquer, against various tree diseases. So far, we have had success with Bleeding Canker treatment, Sudden Oak Death, Acute Oak Decline, Chalara and Honey Fungus with several other diseases currently undergoing tests in conjunction with FERA and DEFRA.

A tree owner heard about our research in the press and after some brief discussion and an exchange of information, the tree owner was motivated by the fact that they were anxious about the health of their high amenity tree which added a high value to the landscape of their garden and the local vicinity.

The study using Allicin is based on the treatment being administered during the earliest part of the growing season. Efficacy of the treatment is determined by a visual assessment of improvements of the effects of the disease, including canker production, healing and bleed drying, bark die-back and tree foliage quality. We asked our client to provide follow up photographs of the tree to JCA in order that a continual visual assessment of the trees continued health can be made.

Upon inspection the tree showed signs that the bleeding had ceased and completely dried up, this being on both the cankers which were present on the main stem and those which were noted on the scaffold branches in the mid-canopy. The tree owner was delighted with the results and reported a significant improvement in the tree’s general health.

If you would like to read more about Bleeding Canker Treatment and other Tree Disease Management, you can do so by clicking here.

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